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Building Third Spaces Through Coffee: An Interview with Pushcart Coffee Co-founder Lisa Fischoff

At a coffee bar on the Lower East Side, Lisa Fischoff’s entrepreneurial spirit rose up and overtook her career plans. Within two weeks of starting work as a barista, Lisa offered to join the new owner as a partner – and he accepted. Two years later, the founders are on a mission to grow community and neighborhood connection through café expansion. Currently, Pushcart Coffee has two Manhattan locations (one on 2nd Ave between 22st and 22nd streets, and one on East Broadway and Clinton street); by the end of 2013 Pushcart Coffee will have opened another shop in North Chelsea. The company also owns and operates and a commissary bakery that handles production for the shops. In addition, Pushcart Coffee deploys actual pushcarts from which it sells coffee and goodies at community events, and street markets such as the New Amsterdam Market. On weekdays you can find the Pushcart in Foley Square.