Green Rabbits value being social. Coming from many fields of practice and research, they share and expand upon ideas and activities relevant to growing a resilient sitopian world. Their intention is to gain a deeper understanding of the connection between food and life and support meaningful change. In addition, they occasionally collaborate and develop special occasional projects, consult, advise, organize forums and teach. Sitopia serves as our essential concept and organizing tool for work. Sitopia is, in essence, about the dynamic relationship between food and place. We pull together extraordinary specialists and partners for a given project as needed. The members of Green Rabbits range from food systems planners to restaurateurs, chefs, caterers, farmers and other food producers and purveyors, scientists, integrative designers, architects, social media designers, creative and journalistic writers and storytellers, project managers, green building experts, animators, illustrators, photographers, urban rooftop farmers, green architects, engineers, filmmakers, traditional food healing experts and more. Legally, Green Rabbits is one of the first Benefit Corporations in New York State in 2012. The seed idea for Green Rabbits emerged out of a conversation between Claire Hartten and Carlos Suarez in 2007 about working at the intersections of where food connects with urban lives and regional re-development.