Green Rabbits Projects: Public Health and External Research Collaboration With New Jersey's University of Medicine and Dentistry

Green Rabbits co-founders Claire Hartten and Christine Rico are working on an exciting new endeavor at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, New Jersey. The project, spearheaded by epidemiologist and public health specialist Dr. Rita Hindin, is a multi-pronged initiative with several aims. Hartten and Rico will work with Hindin toward three main goals: (1) finding and profiting from opportunities to beautify the UMDNJ campus through food and green space; (2) supporting Hindin in engaging campus stakeholders in creating a working group focused on food; and (3) identifying partners for a systems design analysis and health impact assessment, related to a research project focused on the relationship between maternal and pre-natal wellness and access to healthy food. by Rachel Signer

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