NYC Event: Launch of the NYC Climate Coalition

Hurricane Sandy reinvigorated the debate around climate change. But it's time for more than debate; it's time for outreach and action. Join the Human Impacts Institute on Sunday, November 18th at 3pm for a training on climate change outreach, which will include time for networking and brainstorming.

The NYC Climate Coalition (a project of the Human Impacts Institute) aims to "[build] the capacity of New Yorkers in addressing root causes of climate change and in preparing for impacts of a changing climate on our City. Our goal is to unite New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds to address current and future climate change issues affecting our community through networking, resource exchange, joint advocacy, and hands-on education." The Coalition's campaign over the next couple months will focus on "reducing dirty energy demands in our buildings around NYC."

The outreach training will be held at Cubana Social: 70 North 6th Street (between Kent Ave and Wythe Ave) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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